Monday, December 04, 2006

England Expects..

I used to think only India could do something like this.

Second Test Match, the Most Hyped Ashes Series of All Time. England are on their way to disaster, 99 for 7 on a Day 5 Adelaide pitch. After declaring at 551 for 6 in the first innings.

This is what I love about cricket- the sheer possibilities for drama. At this stage, it looks like England are down and truly out, but dont count them out yet. Collingwood has the tenacity of a terrier, and Hoggard can be remarkably sticky. 100 for 7, as I post.

Of course, the Unstoppable Aussie Juggernaut is doing all it can to get England out quickly- look at this example from Cricinfo:

53.5 Warne to Hoggard, no run, lovely forward defensive shot, except that it the ball was on a different line ... it dipped and spun past Hoggard's bat and missed his off stump by a fraction of something

There you go. Australia can get these runs in 30 overs. England, thus, needs to bat out another 25 overs, add 20 runs, and cross every finger they have. Nerve-jangling, the next hour is going to be nerve-jangling.

I'll try and update this- for who, I dont know, since I doubt I have any readers yet :-)

Oh, and Hoggard is off the mark. 102 for 7, 56 overs. Why does Collingwood insist on taking a single of Ball Two of each over?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Cricket, Oh Cricket

I've decided to set up another blog (as if this wasn't good enough!), just to write on the Game I Love. More posts will follow. This is partly a test post to check out the template, partly an excuse to post a photo of one of the most thrilling shots I've seen- Kevin Pietersen going down on one knee, and creaming one of the West Indies fast bowlers.

For six. On one knee.

This man will go places.